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Most parts for these models are readily available, although some body parts are becoming scarce. Commonly called the Slimstyle Range, Series III models are distinguishable by a speedometer which is of a sort of clam shell shape. It is flat on the sides, tapering out larger at the top, and the top and bottom are rounded. Another distinguishable feature of the Series III is the separate horn grille which attaches vertically to the front of the horncasting with two countersink screws at the bottom. When this is the case, the earlier variation of the part is called the pre-mod part. Mid’s models will often share pre- and post-mod features. By the end of the production run of Italian Series III models which included all GP and SX models , all of the post-modification features such as 6 pole ignition systems which have 4 wires coming from the magneto had been adopted. It is very important that you know exactly which model of Lambretta you have before ordering parts. Use this page as a guide to determine which model you have.

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Frame numbers may be number only () or may include the engine size, the I needed three Lambrettas inspected before the DVLA would provide the V5.

Hi, I have a indural lift stand, to lift a motorbike up to kg new never been used, message me for more info. It’s a pit bike starts and rides first time Ive just had new front brake and caliper oil spark plug and cap can be seen running quick bike for what it is. This item is collection only. ZXR upside down front forks. Good condition for age there are some chips on outer tubes although I can not tell what year bike they came off.

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Good condition.

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The Vespa 50 ended up being the highest selling scooter in Piaggio’s history and one of the highest selling vehicles of all time. The body of the scooter also acts as the frame, and is made out of pressed steel. In addition to cutting polluting emissions to zero, the Vespa Elettrica is a totally noiseless vehicle, in the energy saving Eco mode as well as in the Power mode, with its engine at full capacity. Indeed, they were so popular that the classic-styled smallframes were produced from the early ‘s up until just a few years ago.

lambretta frame dating. Serveta (Spain) Lambretta VINs Like the Italian SX, Spanish Serveta Jet s will have frame and engine numbers that start.

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Series 3 (LI)

Named after the Italian expression for night – notte, Vespa Notte is a limited edition scooter featuring deep black mirrors, grab rails and wheels. Transmission has also been overhauled, the CVT boasting a more robust belt and new materials designed to reduce friction and noise. Vespa allows application developers to create backend and middleware systems which scale to accommodate large amounts of data and high loads without sacrificing latency or reliability.

S1/Frame Breather with S2 headset Innocenti+Nova/Date Cert | Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles, Motorcycles & Scooters, Lambretta | eBay!

Guaranteed lowest price! All 12v on the market seem to have F2 connectors. I thought about that but the TS is a 1 year model frame because of the air box. I met a cool mechanic here who has offered to re-wrap my magneto with thinner wire and put in a 12v battery to convert the bike to 12v. Replace your worn out windshield wipers with a system that’s more dependable. The 12v inverter has a digital display that indicates battery capacity, output voltage and DC indicator.

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In the L. Intended as a sportier version to the standard L. V panel work, including an octagonal headset, front mudguard, horn cast, and side panels. Engine wise the had a change of barrel and head, but strangely not the carburettor of 18mm, giving it a power boost to 8.

The body of the scooter also acts as the frame, and is made out of pressed steel. Compare for Lambretta V Special vs Vespa Sprint. to Vespa’s original Sport Sei Giomi, and it’s the most powerful and advanced Vespa to date.

The current owner? This is not the first time someone has tried to capitalize on the Lambretta name with the launch of a new Lambretta, but this time somehow feels different. They even went so far as to design a completely new scooter they called the Amiga, which never really reached any serious level of production before the factory closed.

The actual last Lambretta ever produced during the original production run was the GP model in India in Lambretta sales were dropping off in India due to heavy competition from more modern machines and manufacturers so SIL ceased production to focus on their Vikram 3 wheelers , which were also based on the original Lambro tooling the got back in Even though they ceased Lambretta production, they still retained the rights to the Lambretta name.

It was an attractive machine that very much resembles what he went on to do with Scomadi. The result of this horrendous decision was the Lambretta Uno and the Due , which are about as much of Lambrettas as apples are gourds. Not willing to sit back and let Americans rake in all this mad cash on badge engineering a Taiwanese scooter, a few different companies in Europe start getting in on this action.

This actually made a lot more sense since Lambrettas are a lot better known in Europe.

1957 Innocenti Lambretta TV-175 series 1

Having trouble posting or changing forum settings? Two Stroke Smoke www. Lambretta Posted by stevet Lambretta 1.

Later SX Facts Engine Number areas httpwww. lambretta frame number dating All this by Recorded or headset identify them finally the Allstate vat Allstate.

The LI special gained the looks from the TV family of models, but retained the and engine size options from the LI, but with more power. The Special is somtimes known or called SX Technically it is not a SX as the frame numbers are always LI, and there is no X badge on the scooter, but as this ran along with the and SX models, some people do call them SX Version II early — late Rectangular front badge in aluminium, glovebox in grey plastic. Version III — very last examples Side-panels without aluminium handles, different colour scheme, 8mm bolts with 19mm heads.

Body colour parts Fork, frame, leg-shield, handlebar and headset, rear mudguard, floorboard tunnel, wheel hubs, front brake shoe backing plate, wheel rims, spare wheel holder, glovebox lid, taillight body, fuel tap hatch, stand,stand mudguard, right-hand rear floorboard L-bracket, side-panels, front cowling, horn grille, front mudguard. New White Fuel tank, rear mudguard, cylinder head air intake manifold 2 pieces , air box, filter carrier and air intake beneath saddle, fuel tank support strap, glovebox when in metal.

White Thorn body parts Frame, leg-shield, handlebar and headset, floorboard tunnel, glovebox lid, tail-light body, right-hand rear floorboard L-bracket, air intake beneath saddle, side-panels front cowling, horn grille, front mudguard, rear mudguard, cylinder head air intake manifold 2 pieces , air box, filter carrier and air intake beneath saddle, fuel tank support strap, fork, stand, stand mudguard. Carter aluminium Fork, wheel hubs, front brake shoe backing plate, wheel rims, spare wheel holder, stand, stand mudguard.

The plastic glovebiox remained grey. Black finish Rear damper, saddle frame and catch. Crankcase Bare aluminium. Carburettor Carburettor body and float chamber cover bare aluminium, zinc-plated screws and fittings.

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Free shipping. This pair of MB stainless steel engine cones that sit in the two holes on your frame and the engine bar goes through the middle of them. Redesigned by MB not only in stainless steel as standard ones rust, but they have lubrication grooves to hold grease in the hole where the engine bar fits, again stopping the engine bar from seizing in place. And we have chamfered the inside so the bar fits easier through the engine mounts and also chamfered the outside so when fitting the engine the engine mountings fit easier.

Get all the details on Vespa GTS Super including Launch Date, 08 – Added Lambretta brochure for the GT/TV , thanks to Richard! GTS Yacht, developed using the technical specifications of the latest small and large frame Vespa.

Know what a jig does already? Save time and click on the link below to send us your details so we can start planning how we can help you. It is essential that your frame and forks are measured for true geometry before you restore your pride and joy. Many of our customers have restored scooters only to find that the handling is flawed or just plain dangerous. We cannot emphasise the importance of this service.

A few hours on the jigs and the necessary repairs will make a huge difference to your Lambretta scooter. We can fit new fork tubes, stand and leg shield cross members, rear brake pins, rear footboard arms and much more. Before you decide to scrap or shelve that old frame, give us a ring to discuss your requirements. Please note, we only have facilities to repair series 1, 2, 3, and GP frames and forks. To date we have repaired over five hundred Lambretta frames using our purpose built jig.

The accuracy we gain is through a long period of research into the construction of said frames, access to copies of the blueprint drawings and measurements of new old stock frames. This did not take into account stripping and then rebuilding once repainted, add another 30 — 40 hours!

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Free delivery for many products!. If the item comes direct from a manufacturer, it may be delivered in non-retail packaging, such as a plain or unprinted box or plastic bag. See the seller’s listing for full details. You can check your estimated delivery date on your order after order placement and contact us if you need assistance we are here to help.

Simply peel off the back and stick it.

This Lambretta Li was born at API in India and arrived in the UK from but some attributes and an apparent chassis number that date it to the rear of the frame, and they don’t look like they’ve been added on later.

Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Unlike Italian machines, where the frame and engine numbers are usually different, on Servetas, the frame and engine numbers should be identical. Jet VIN numbers start. Lambretta Serial Number Search. Choose from the serial prefix list below, enter the serial number and hit the search button.

Omit any stars symbols from the serial number. Some models are not listed – see models below. NOTE: The information from this database is estimated from known numbers. The years are only ranges because I could only find. Lambretta frame dating – The electric start was run from a 6 volt battery housed under the left hand side panel. The rear brake was now cable operated as opposed to being rod operated like the Series I machine. Engine details, gear ratios and other technicalities are fully covered in the Lambretta workshop manuals.

The first batch, Innocenti found a weakness in the main frame, they recalled all models and adapted machines on the production line.

Ts185 12v conversion

Email address:. Lambretta club dating certificate. Everything you either. So my xj is a replica of. So my xj is affecting your lambretta scooter culture: 75 situations wacant konongo secondary arts tutors apply for dating certificates will need to join either.

Serial numbers can be found in the following locations on various models. Note that A. Li, TV, SX, GP and Serveta Models – The frame number is in the engine​.

Authenticating a Lambretta has not necessarily been a straight forward process in the past, and for years authentications have been done using partially incorrect data, but it is now possible after a lot of research and studying of the Innocenti Factory Production Records Chiusura a consuntivo produzione held at the British Lambretta Archive to give acurate dating supported by these files.

It should be a given, that all authentications should be supported only by Factory Production Records for true and accurate dating, and that dating from any other source is questionable and supporting evidence of authentication should be provided, as to where and how the dating evidence has been gathered. Innocenti Factory Production Records are not readily available documents in the public domain.

Annual Production Data from the records has been correlated in the table below but is only a small proportion of the complete data contained in the records. Certain annomolies occur from time to time, as not everything that Innocenti did was documented within these files. There are instances of this that have been included below to give a clearer picture of the production of Lambretta Autocycles, Scooters, 3 Wheelers, Lambro and Lambrettino models from the Innocenti Milan Factory.

Design by John Walklate. Home Info Italian Frame Info. Chiusura A Consuntivo Produzione. Apr Jul Frame Engine — —

Lambretta Frame & Engine Numbers

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